Important Things to Pack for Your Next Hotel Stay Abroad

Are you planning for your next vacation or business trip abroad?

If yes, you’re in the right place.

Packing is an important aspect of preparing for a trip abroad. With less experience packing travel essentials, choosing what to pack can be difficult.

With a wardrobe full of your clothes, a cabinet packed with drugs, and your shower caddy having all kinds of products to choose from, there’s a need for thoughtful packing.

Even if you have a packing list to guide your travel preparations, you may still end up bringing with you unnecessary items. Apart from toiletries, clothes, and medications, there’re a few more items you’ll need for your hotel stay abroad.

Hotels offer homes away from home and the comfort that comes with it, including everything you may need during your stay. However, you may want to pack some items bound to make your stay safer, comfier, and convenient.

Here’re a few essentials to throw into your travel bags for your next hotel stay abroad:

6 Items to Pack for Your Next Travel Abroad

Earplugs and eye masks

No two hotels are made equal, and nor the services they offer. This includes hotels that make up a single chain of motels. Some details remain unknown until you check into your hotel.

For example, you may not know if you’ll have noisy guests next door, a bright street lamp nearby, or morning sunlight covering your entire room. You’ll only get to know about the presence or absence of traffic noises after checking into your hotel room.

These factors and lots more can affect the quality of sleep you get. Earplugs can block out noise from the environment and eye masks block out light to enable you to get enough sleep.

A white noise app is handy if you prefer to block out only specific sounds that may interfere with your sleep. It leaves out important sounds such as alarms.

Flip-flops or slippers


Most hotels offer slippers for use in the bathroom or your hotel room. Except for a few upscale hotels, most slippers are usually in poor conditions.


Some hotels don’t offer slippers at all. Pack some slippers you can wear in your hotel room to relax your feet after wearing heels, loafers, or some other footwear with less comfort.

Slippers allow your feet to relax while keeping them clean instead of walking around barefooted. A cozy pair of slippers will go a long way in making your stay comfortable.

Hand and bath towels, and a washcloth 

Face wash, moisturizer, and toner help with skin care. Pack a washcloth, a hand towel, and a bath towel for your travel to complete your cleaning routine.

Hotel linens can easily irritate sensitive skin because they’re washed with harsh detergents. If you have sensitive skin, pack your own towels and other linens to improve your skincare routine and prevent reactions.

Reusable water bottle


The need to drink clean water goes without saying. Whether you prefer your glass of water the first thing in the morning, on the go, or the last thing before retiring to bed, you need clean water to drink.

Keep your body hydrated even as you travel abroad for vacation or business. Water has lots of health benefits, ranging from improving your mood to energizing your body.

Tap water is often not palatable and drinking bottled water, especially for prolonged travels may become costly in the long run. Find a water bottle with a built-in filter to ensure that you drink clean water and save on the cost of buying bottled water.

If you can’t find a water bottle fitted with a filter, you may need to buy a portable water softener. When purchasing a separate filter to use for a longer period, make sure you do compare in terms of the warranty. This ensures you get value for your money.

Downloaded songs or movies

Some hotels, even in the digital era, don’t offer access to the internet. Although some offer TV channel selection and free Wi-Fi, they’re often poor. Download your favorite movies or songs to bring with you for endless entertainment when hotel internet and TV services fail.

Download the items for entertainment onto your smartphone or tablet. You can also download eBooks and other forms of downloadable content to keep you entertained. They’re handy when what’s available at the hotel either isn’t working or unavailable.

A laundry bag

You use a hamper, a basket, or an empty corner in a room to sort your dirty clothes from clean ones. This helps keep clean and dirty clothes separate.

Pack a laundry bag you’ll use to hold your dirty clothes and separate them from the clean ones. Toss dirty clothes in the bag and hang them in your hotel room to ease packing and cleaning of your room.

This also makes unpacking easy when you eventually get back home. Simply place your dirty clothes in the laundry bag near a washing machine for cleaning when you want to wash.

The separation also ensures that clean clothes continue to smell fresh.


The six items discussed in this article can help you prepare and pack for your next travel. Is there a better way to rest and recharge in your hotel room for comfort? Make sure that you have the right items packed for a successful trip.

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