The Best Hunting Places Near Sage Inn

Sage Inn is located in California. The Golden State is blessed with an abundance of animals ideal for hunting. There are small mammals, wild pigs, bears, waterfowls, and deers. However, most hunters prefer pursuing deer because it is the most abundant type of animal. Local authorities in California have set aside specific spots for hunting.

California is a popular hunting site, but discovering the right place to hunt can be a challenge. Most of the online hunting guides are not accurate. Fortunately, we have come up with the top locations that won’t disappoint when hunting.

Cache Creek Wilderness Area

The Cache Creek wildlife area is a steep Hunting ground that covers over two thousand three hundred acres. It is typically associated with gray pine and mahogany. Your visit to this hunting area will not be complete without sighting the bald eagle that will be soaring above the summer sky.

Cache Creek wildlife area consists of two units under the management of the bureau of land management in Yolo county. The first unit is the Harley Gulch Unit, located a few miles from Walker ridge road. The place can be accessed easily from the judge Davis trailhead parking lot. The North Fork Cache Creek Unit is located a few miles from Redbud trailhead. There is also a parking area near the trailhead.

Some of the activities you can enjoy at this hunting sport include hiking, bird watching, wildlife viewing, and hunting. The prey available here are pigeons, wild Turkey, rabbits, wild pigs, black bear, elk, and deer. Just make sure you have reviewed all the Glock handguns on the market before heading to the Cache Creek Wildlife Area.

Visitors to this area will require a hunting pass, an entry permit, and special drawings. Furthermore, there are facilities such as restrooms at various intervals.

Jackson State Forest

The Jackson State Forest is the largest state-owned forest in the golden state. Activities, such as timber harvesting, hiking, wildlife conservation, and watershed management are conducted within the forest.

The 50,000-acre forest comprises big rivers and watersheds. A big chunk of the forest is covered by redwood and tanoak. Jackson also has several trails and roads that make it easier to navigate the forest on foot or by car.

A forest management team offers occasional hunting permits for deer and elk. The best way to hunt in this forest is to acquire a handgun with smooth operation.

Mendocino National Forest

It is gratifying to hunt near a sparkling lake. And that is what you get at the Mendocino National Forest. If you are tired of swimming at the Sage Inn, you can head over to the Mendocino National Forest for hunting activities. Furthermore, you can also fish, take a boat, or even hike.

The forest covers about one million acres, ready to be explored. It is the ideal place for those looking for solitude, relaxation, and enjoyment. Moreover, there are camping sites scattered throughout the forest. Hunting in densely forested hunting grounds with panoramic riverbanks is a one-in-a-lifetime experience. Like many hunting grounds in California, the Mendocino National Park requires guests to book in advance and get hunting permits.

Bighorn Mountain Wilderness

The Bighorn mountain wilderness is located on the eastern foothills of the San Bernardino mountains. It is sandwiched between the desert floor and the higher country of Jeffrey Pane. It extends all the way to Granite Peak at the height of 7500 feet.

The forest is one of the places in California with an abundance of wildlife. Some of the animals you will find at the bighorn mountain wilderness are bobcats, mule deer, and mountain lions.

Plumas National Forest

The Plumas National Forest is located in the Sierra Nevada near the cascade range. It is one of America’s most versatile forests, with a wonderful climate and diverse forest features. Visitors to the Sage Inn resort prefer visiting Plumas National Forest because it has pleasant mountains, beautiful canyons, and several lakes and streams.

Some rivers within the forests are nationally designated places. In addition to the scenic zones, there are specific areas set aside for hunting. You will be hunting wildlife hidden behind cliffs, waterfalls, and giant rocks.

There’s also the Feather River Scenic Byway, which has priceless beauty. The wildlife habitat near this canyon is abundant and ideal for hunting.


Hunting is no longer limited to the royals. When you visit the Sage Inn resort in California, you will be staying near many hunting opportunities. We hope the list we have presented above will help you get started.

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